Customer Success
  • Vopak


    Vopak, is a Dutch company that is listed in Fortune 500 and the world’s largest petrochemical logistics player. Vopak has been using biz card recognition technology to manage their customer resources and team collaboration.

  • Oceana Global Logistic

    Oceana Global Logistic

    Oceana Global Logistics is a US-owned and operated, licensed, independent non-vessel operating common carrier and freight Forwarder with over 30 years of experience in freight, transportation and customs brokerage. It is using our enterprise solution of CamCard to manage its customer resources.



    Haanpaa Group is the largest transporter of liquid chemicals in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. The group offers road and intermodal tank transport, tank storage services, and logistics solutions. Haanpaa has been using our document recognition module to improve their workflow and supply chain management.

  • Hoau Logistics

    Hoau Logistics

    Hoau Logistics Group is a leading Chinese logistics and operates freight and parcel transportation in over 600 cities in China. It uses our biz card recognition to ensure an efficient and secure way of biz card information input for its staff across the country.

  • Blue Water Shipping

    Blue Water Shipping

    Blue Water Shipping Company, is a U.S. Steamship Agency specializing in coordinating Port Calls of Oceangoing Vessels and timely execution of import and export shipments. It is using our enterprise solution of CamCard to manage customer resources.

Optimize Your Workflow

Documents, forms and tables, receipts and invoices are digitized easily by the phone or tablet camera. Information is extracted and stored instantly with scanned copies of the original documents well kept. Accelerate your process and be more efficient. We help our customers move faster and closer to deal closure.

Auto Fill-in on Mobile

Take a photo of your business license and our engine will help your sales people do the rest of their work – read and extract all necessary information on the license. No more manual typing so that corporate account opening rate can be well improved.

Supplier management and team coordination

Scan your suppliers’ business cards directly into your mobile or PC. Centralize resources and assign different management roles. We offer seamless synchronization with Salseforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM along with other CRM and OA systems. Sales reps may add notes and activities to their namecard-based leads or accounts at any time, share them to colleagues and report to superiors.

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