Customer Success
  • Salesforce


    Salesforce, the popular CRM software and service provider from United States, has been in partnership with IntSig to ensure seamless synchronization between Salesforce and CamCard and CamCard Business.

  • Resco CRM

    Resco CRM

    A popular US cross-platform mobile CRM provider with customers from more than 100 countries and territories. It integrates CamCard business card recognition technology to help global users enter card information in different languages and promote user efficiency.

  • Force Manager

    Force Manager

    Force Manager is built by a team of elite sales consultants and engineers. It provides sales team with the most intelligent and efficient mobile CRM app, which integrates our business card recognition to store and manage contacts more effectively.

  • Yonyou Chaoke

    Yonyou Chaoke

    Yongyou Chaoke, the best Chinese SaaS brand in 2015, provides enterprise with internet-based CRM, social collaboration solutions and SaaS application services. Our biz card recognition technology has been a featured function in their product and promotion.

Business card management

Data collection has been an essential part in CRMs and OAs in their contact, task, lead, and customer management. The entry of business card information is thus very important. Our business card recognition SDK or API allows your app to scan and recognize business card automatically and to utter in better user experience.

Cellphone Document Scanning

Our OCR technology allow phones to act like scanners. It allows apps to capture high-resolution copies of documents, whiteboards, slides, receipts and invoices, automatically enhance image quality, remove noisy background and turn images into editable texts.

Image-Txt document convertion

OCR is able to reads paper documents and search texts in the scanned copies. It turns image into editable texts and supports 17 different languages. Once images are converted into extractable data, enterprises will see higher efficiency and better results.

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