Customer Success
  • Huawei


    Huawei Mate 8 is the flagship smart phone representing the most advanced technology of Huawei. It integrates our CamCard SDK and document recognition SDK. Our multi-language recognition capability provides strongly support to the global strategy of the leading Chinese manufacturer.

  • SamSung


    SamSung Note and GALAXY S series are launched as SamSung flagship devices for high-end customers which integrates most advanced hardware and software . IntSig has been a long-term partner with SamSung in its high-end product line. We have worked closely with each other to improve performance and user experience.

  • Smartisan


    Smartisan has been a market hotspot in China largely due to its self-developed Smartisan OS. It has integrated our business card recognition and corporate database API. Smartisan users can smoothly scan, recognize and manage their business card.

  • ZTE


    ZTE has become the fourth largest phone manufacturers in the world with its devices available in more than 160 countries and regions. Xi Jinping, Chinese President, is also carrying a ZTE phone that integrates our OCR technology.

Capture business cards and save to phone contact

Business card recognition have become a must-have on smart phones. Integrate our module into your phone camera so that your users can save their business cards into their contact book effortlessly. Name, telephone number, email, job title and company name can all be saved to their corresponding fields. This has proved to be a powerful weapon for phone brands to all their business users.

Recognize 17 languages

We support recognition of over 17 languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish. We make sure your overseas users and cross-border transactions go seamlessly. Our OCR solution satisfies over 90% of business card scanning scenarios across the world and is able to support you in almost any market you want to launch your product in.

Turn your phone into a pocket scanner

More and more users begin to do some of their work on mobile as smart phones become so advanced and popular. Our CamScanner SDK (document scanning module) turns your phone into a pocket scanner. It detects document edges, remove background noises, enhance image quality and thus produce a clean and clear soft copy, which can be sent and shared at any time and any place.

Pay on your mobile

The first step for users to realize mobile payment is to add their bank card into the mobile. There is a lot to enter (card number, account name and expiry date). Manual typing is slow and sometimes produce typos. To ensure high accuracy and subsequently high conversion, it is essential to automate the process by integrating our OCR module of bank card recognition, quick and easy.

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