Customer Success

    IWJW.COM is the first nation-wide O2O estate agency company, providing expertise information and agency service for transaction to customers and owner. uses our OCR technology to help customers complete registration, investigation, verification and payment quickly.

  • is a vehicle sharing and renting platform. It provides brand-new car renting module and experience to owners and customers. It uses ID card, Driver License recognition technologies to accelerate verification process for owners and users.


    Relying upon its strong development capabilities, creates quality cloud storage services and provides personal cloud storage for over 100 million users globally. Its Personal Cloud and Enterprise Cloud integrates our business card recognition function.

  • Wecash


    Wecash is the first Chinese Internet credit rating company, focusing on eliminate information asymmetry and provide more fast and precise credit decision. It is using our ID, bank card, biz card and passport recognition technologies to provide better user experience.

  • AndPay


    Andpay is the largest mobile financial platform for start-ups and small businesses in China. Its founders have vast experience in mobile payment. AndPay leverages our bank card recognition technology in its payment process to help users add bank cards effectively.

Card Info Entry

Like the popular Samsung Pay, you are able to instantly enter bank card number by taking a photo of your card. It is a technology applied on apps doing mobile payment, bank card management, and financial management. Moreover, Our OCR technology supports not only the card number but also the cardholder name and expiry date.

User Identity Authentication

During mobile payment, mobile account opening, identity authentication, account subscription and ID info entry, users can capture instead of typing the name, ID number, birth date, address and other information quickly and precisely.

Vehicle Information Collection

Taxi grabbing, car renting and car sharing apps collect the vehicle owner information. Our technology helps their user to capture and upload clear copies of their ID card, driving license and vehicle license along with other documents. The app collects and enters the texts automatically to complete verification.

Biz Card Recognition and Management

Data collection has been an essential part in CRMs and OAs in their contact, task, lead, and customer management. The entry of business card information is thus very important. Our business card recognition SDK or API allows your app to scan and recognize business card automatically and to utter in better user experience.

Document Scanning and Uploading

Our module empower file management, e-note, cloud storage, team collaboration, tasks, camera and financial management apps to act like scanners. It allows the apps to capture high-resolution copies of documents, whiteboards, slides and invoices, automatically enhance image quality, remove noisy background and turn images into editable texts.

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