Customer Success
  • Swiss Re

    Swiss Re

    Swiss Re-insurance Company, founded in 1863, is the world’s largest health reinsurer and a fortune 500 company. Its internal system integrates our business card recognition and ID card recognition, enhancing greatly the workflow efficiency.

  • Prudential


    Prudential plc has created a customer ecosystem on mobile. Our recognition solution covering ID, bank card, driving license and vehicle license in their mobile process of insurance application, service and claim to enhance user experience.

  • Munich Re

    Munich Re

    Munich Re Group is a reinsurance company based in Munich, Germany. It is one of the world’s leading reinsurers. Munich Re is included in the DAX index at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Euro Stoxx 50, and other indices.

Mobile Insurance

Users now can take an insurance policy on their mobile by using their phone camera to capture their ID, driving license and vehicle license. The information from the photos will be extracted and uploaded to the insurer automatically, including name, ID number, number plate, registration dates, use type, vehicle category.

Verify to Pay

Policy holder’s bank card information must be verified before payment. Our solution helps insurer’s sales representatives to capture the applicant’s bank card using their phone or tablet camera and save the time of manual input, so that our customer’s sales force can work more efficiently.

Verify ID Information

During identity information verification, sales reps can now capture the applicant’s ID card or other ID documentation using their mobile devices. All the information can be pulled from documents uploaded to the insurer’s server automatically.

Collect Info on Site

Car insurance requests on-site examination. Our solution helps your staff to automatically enter and upload ID, driving license and vehicle license. Such automation greatly reduce the time needed for examination, data entry and verification and ensure a smoother customer experience.

Streamline Your Workflow

OCR technology helps insurers to digitize their internal documentation including annual reports, contracts, policies, receipts as well as work sheets. Work process will be optimized for maximum efficiency and better management

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