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    United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent federal agency. It is in charge of non-military aid of the US government to other countries including development loans and technological aid plans. USAID is using CamCard Business for contact management and team collaboration.

  • Liberty Asia

    Liberty Asia

    Liberty Asia is a famous cross-border NGO that provides legal and technical intervention in preventing people trafficking and works strategically with a number of international organizations. Liberty Asia is using CamCard Business to for partnership management and maintenance.

  • Osaka Government SH Office

    Osaka Government SH Office

    The Shanghai Office of Osaka government plays an important role in providing companies from Osaka with consulting and assistance on investment in Shanghai and China. The Office is using CamCard Business for the contact management and team collaboration.

  • Reconnect


    Reconnect is a project led by Groupe SOS Solidarity, aims at being available in as many social care services as possible, regardless of their size or their location. Reconnect uses our CamScanner open API to scan and management documents.


Our solution enables automatic entry of information from business cards and IDs and upload it to OAs, CRMs, other office software, as well as third-party cloud or private cloud seamlessly. We also help officers in a team better organize their business cards by grouping, sharing, task assignment, reporting and group emails.

Government Process Optimization

We help government take advantage of our document scanning and recognition technology to streamline their internal workflow. Officers can now scan public notices, office letters, documents and even bills and receipts directly into their phone or tablet. They not only get clear soft copies but are also able to search, check, sort and organize files based on their content. Go mobile and work more efficiently.

Site Investigation

Police officers can now capture ID cards on mobile where the system automatically matches the image with what has been found in the central database and pulls the personal file out. We help our officers to work more efficiently and our citizens to wait for less time.

Residential Data Collection

When collecting resident data information during field visits, officers use OCR technology to recognize ID information. Residences use it during the uploading of personal information as well. Both sides enjoy a quicker and more convenient process.

Information Platform

It is common that smart communities have a mobile-based digital platform for information service, be it an app or a mobile-ready website. Integrating our OCR technology, the platform can use phone cameras to complete tasks including recognition and entry of ID cards, business cards, and other document, identity verification, bank card binding, license application and renewal along with other residential services.

Visitor Registration

To improve security, many communities start implementing visitor registration policy. The traditional form-based registration is inefficient and not so convenient for information search and archiving. Taking the advantages of identity card recognition, officers are now able to complete the visitor registration faster.

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