Mobile Scanner, Record and Share at Any Time and Place

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Send scanned docs anywhere
a must-have for business people. Send docs to your clients even when you are on the go and synchronize them between different devices.
Auto-enhance image quality
Generate a perfect PDF file or other file formats. Back them up to the cloud.
No more typing
OCR helps you convert the document into editable text immediately

Enjoy scanning anytime

Anywhere and anytime, scan, save, archive, and upload your files. Managing and searching has never been so easy.

Mobile Scanner
Farewell to tedious operations of scanners. Let your mobile take care of everything.
Auto edge cropping
Capture document by phone, remove busy background, generate high resolution JPEG or PDF file
Print wireless. Fax globally
Support wireless printing. You can also fax to more than 30 countries and regions
OCR, Convert image to text
Convert images to text files. Support 16 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.
Have it everywhere
Sync your docs, it’s instantly available on all your devices,whenever and wherever you are.
Share and Collaborate
Share with your friends by collaborating, or via email, whatsapp, wechat or and via link to other social networks
Standard account
  • Scan docs into high resolution JEPG images or PDF files
  • Search texts on images
  • 200M cloud space
  • Sync between your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop computer.
  • Add annotation and watermarks
  • Invite up to 10 friends to review and add comments.
  • Upload to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and other third-party cloud services.
Premium Account
  • High-quality scan
  • Edit OCR results and Export as .txt files
  • Create Doc Collage for multiple pages
  • +10GB cloud space
  • Invite up to 40 extra collaborators
  • Send encrypted doc urls with expiration dates
  • Auto upload docs to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, OneNote
  • Unlimited PDF uploads
  • OCR translation into 60+ languages. 1000 free credits each month
  • More precise Cloud OCR. 1000 free credits each month
  • Export multiple JPG/PDF files from the website with one click
  • Data in Recycle Bin will be kept for 30 days
Business Version
  • Premium Account features
  • All group members share one or multiple Group Folders
  • Group members can upload documents to Group Folders
  • Group Administrator can view / examine / download / manage all documents in Group Folders
  • Group Administrator can set the access for group member to view documents scanned by the others
  • Each group member's cloud storage increases from 200M to 10G
  • Member management (e.g. Notes、Grouping)
  • Remote access and control over contents in members' Group Folders
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  • I scan and send a lot of docs to my clients,That is why I have been using CamScanner heavily. It can detect the document edges and crop off the background. That is amazing. You have to try it!
  • CamScanner is a great app for auditors. You know when you are facing tons of books and statements, CamScanner makes your life a lot easier.
  • It is very convenient for me to scan my hand-written case histories and prescriptions into my phone and tablet so that I can discuss with my colleague later. It is a great app.
  • I have to say CamScanner is so cool for students. I can now scan all the important points from my text books or books I read in the library. I am able to reorganize them and print them out.
  • 办公族 John Office Worker
  • 审计 Abby Auditor
  • 医生 Han Doctor
  • 学生 Mia Student

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