Main Products

Passport Recognition
Recognize and extract passport
identity page information,
accurate under all conditions
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Biz Card Recognition
A recognition technology used by over
200 million users of CamCard,
supporting 17 languages
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Bank Card Recognition
Covers all types of credit cards
including VISA, JSB, Union Pay,
MasterCard and American Express
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Document Recognition
Auto cropping, smartly remove background.
Extract texts from images and
convert them into .txt files
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Customized Service
We offer customization for specific
recognition requests including IDs,
driver’s license, forms, bills, etc.
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Customer Success
  • Huawei


    Huawei Mate 8 is the flagship smart phone representing the most advanced technology of Huawei. It integrates our CamCard SDK and document recognition SDK. Our multi-language recognition capability provides strongly support to the global strategy of the leading Chinese manufacturer.

  • Swiss Re

    Swiss Re

    Swiss Re-insurance Company, founded in 1863, is the world’s largest health reinsurer and a fortune 500 company. Its internal system integrates our business card recognition and ID card recognition, enhancing greatly the workflow efficiency.

  • ICICI Bank

    ICICI Bank

    Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI Bank) is the first bank in India to launch a mobile application for their clients. This app integrates our ID recognition technology that supports recognition of over 20 different types of ID cards, greatly reduce the time of user manual input.

  • Vopak


    Vopak, is a Dutch company that is listed in Fortune 500 and the world’s largest petrochemical logistics player. Vopak has been using biz card recognition technology to manage their customer resources and team collaboration.

  • Tesla


    Tesla, The famous electric car manufacturer has become the most eye-catching car brand in recent years. Its internal system utilizes biz card recognition technology and manage their customer resources from all over the world.

  • China UnionPay

    China UnionPay

    China UnionPay is the only domestic bank card organization in China that links cross-bank transaction and ATMs of all banks throughout mainland China. Our bank card recognition technology has been integrated in its new UnionPay APP which enables its users to add bank cards effectively.

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