Enable your site or app with real-time ID scanning and recognition

Driving License

Extract information from the license within 1 second.

Bill and Receipt

Support content detection in selected fields as well as information extraction into structured editable formats.

Customer Success
  • ICICI Bank

    ICICI Bank

    Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI Bank) is the first bank in India to launch a mobile application for their clients. This app integrates our ID recognition technology that supports recognition of over 20 different types of ID cards, greatly reduce the time of user manual input.

  • Swiss Re

    Swiss Re

    Swiss Re-insurance Company, founded in 1863, is the world’s largest health reinsurer and a fortune 500 company. Its internal system integrates our business card recognition and ID card recognition, enhancing greatly the workflow efficiency.



    Haanpaa Group is the largest transporter of liquid chemicals in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. The group offers road and intermodal tank transport, tank storage services, and logistics solutions. Haanpaa has been using our document recognition module to improve their workflow and supply chain management.

  • Ping An Finance

    Ping An Finance

    The Finance Cloud of Ping An Finance covers a wide range of businesses including car insurance, financial services and bank services. It incorporates multiple OCR solutions including IDs, bank cards, driver’s licenses, and passports into its mobile apps for better user experience.

  • Spring Airlines

    Spring Airlines

    Spring Airlines is the most successful low-cost carrier in China, operating over 70 domestic routes and over 10 international routes. Its mobile app integrates our ID and passport recognition technology to allow users a quickly information entry when buying flight tickets.

  • Wecash


    Wecash is the first Chinese Internet credit rating company, focusing on eliminate information asymmetry and provide more fast and precise credit decision. It is using our ID, bank card, biz card and passport recognition technologies to provide better user experience.

Our Customers

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