Customer Success

Start-ups and Small Businesses (<50 employees) We receive around 1000 business cards a year. As a small-sized company, we do not have someone dedicated to manage them. So it is a pity we lose some of our customers or leads. Thanks to CamCard Business, we can now save all the cards at one place. Every single customer’s information is now well kept and it is very easy to search and retrieve as well.
Medium-sized Businesses (50-200 employees) I really like the idea of digitizing business cards within a couple of seconds. In the past we used to type a lot. It was time-consuming. Our people didn’t like it either. Now we use our phone to take a photo and everything is there in the database, up on the cloud they call it. Great app for people who travel a lot. We like the tags and grouping. Our employees like it too.
Enterprise (>200 employees) We had the problem of customer information scattering everywhere and leaving them in different departments and in the hands of different individuals. Then I bumped into CamCard Business. We are now able to sync information and collaborate more efficiently. Some sales use it to retarget customers who they might have never thought of again.
Scan Business Cards
  • Use your phone or connect with a scanner to read your business cards into system within one second
  • Support 17 languages
  • Cloud synchronization between devices
  • Tap card information to make calls, send text msgs and navigate to your customers
Centralize Customer Resources
  • Manage business cards at one place and make resources more available internally
  • Mark lead owner and make collaboration and takeover more smoothly
  • Set tags and groups to manage customers
  • Send batch emails with ready-to-go templates
Smart Business Card Scanner
The scanner is made for business cards. It tucks in 50 business cards in one minute and read them directly into CamCard Business
Sales Management
  • Add business activities to business cards
  • Share notes and comments to your team to make follow-ups easier
  • Support sharing via email to report the progress a project to your superior
  • Save your notes forever and never miss a lead
  • Save your notes forever and never miss a lead
  • Set reminders for your own tasks
Export to CRMs and OAs
  • Connect seamlessly with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Export to Google and Outlook contact
  • Export as Excel files
  • Send follow-up emails to customers who have exchanged with your employees
  • Multiple email template available and able to remove duplicate contacts

Why CamCard Business?

Boost your sales performance starting from business cards
  • Digitize your business cards by phone
  • Set up within seconds a customer database
  • Explore and target leads
  • Add notes and business activities
  • Share customer information internally
Over 50,000 companies are using CamCard Business