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“AI Everything”, CCI Intelligent Recognition was unveiled in Dubai Global Summit On Artificial Intelligence May. 27th, 2019 #Company News,News,Product News From April 30 to May 1, “AI Everything” Global Summit was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates' trade hub. There were over 130 AI-related enterprises… Read more
CamCard and CamScanner Debuted on the Screen of NASDAQ in Times Square May. 8th, 2018 #Camcard Blog,Camcard News,Company News,News,Product News Local time May 1, 2018, CamCard and CamScanner, applications on the mobile phone, developed by CC Intelligent Technology Co., have shown the world the revolutionary… Read more
When Automobile Finance meets Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Jun. 1st, 2017 #Company News,News Second International Automobile Finance Summit was held in Beijing, China on May 10 and 11, 2017. Government institutions, industry associations, national and international leading banks,… Read more
eBay Korea and Paycock Integrated CCi’s Bank Card Recognition May. 10th, 2017 #Company News,News In June 2016, CC Intelligence (CCi) formed a strategy partnership with world-renowned e-commerce tycoon eBay Korea and integrated Bank Card Recognition technology with its subsidiary… Read more
Try our great OCR to make your daily work easy Oct. 31st, 2016 #Camscanner Blog,Camscanner Skills,Company News,News What is the most can’t-miss feature in CamScanner? OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature! Make your life easier in different ways. What will you do if… Read more