CamScanner Now Provides Free Advanced Features to Students and Educators

Nov. 30th, 2020

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-Students and educators can verify their accounts as an education account to enjoy advanced features.


What are the advanced features for education accounts?


Why CamScanner is offering advanced features free to students and educators?


CamScanner is an important tool for students and educators, especially given the pandemic, CamScanner has been seeing a higher demand during remote learning & teaching around the world. Supporting the next generation is one of our key missions.


Who are eligible for free education accounts?


How do I verify my account as a CamScanner education account?

  1. Click Me à Profile Pic à Verify as College Student “
  2. enter the country, school, school email and other relevant information, and click “Verify now” (user is authenticated successfully with a valid school email address)
  3. Open the email and find the verification code
  4. enter the verification code on CamScanner to finish qualifying for a free educational version of the app.

Check if your school email contains ‘edu’, if not, please submit your application at, we’ll review and verify your account manually.


How long is my education account valid?

Your free education account is valid for one year per verification. You’ll need to verify again to renew it after one year.


What happens when I graduate?

Your CamScanner education account will still be valid until your next renewal as long as it’s associated with a university email address. You’ll have to verify your account again with your school email or switch to the free plan or a paid plan if you intend to continue using CamScanner. We hope you choose to stick with us.


Why I don’t see the educational account verification access in my account?

You won’t see the “Verify as Colleague Student” access if,

  1. You’re already verified as an educational user.
  2. Your CamScanner APP is to be updated to the latest version.