CamCard and CamScanner Debuted on the Screen of NASDAQ in Times Square

May. 8th, 2018

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Local time May 1, 2018, CamCard and CamScanner, applications on the mobile phone, developed by CC Intelligent Technology Co., have shown the world the revolutionary changes that mobile software brings to work and life in the smartphone age. These two software also have been picked as Apple Store Best Business & Productivity App and Best Paid App every year until 2016 (Paid Apps call off).

In the contemporary era, how to process information quickly and conveniently has become a common pursuit among all major fields. The way to convert picture information into easily processed and saved text message has also been a problem to tackle for many years. In the past, we use scanners to complete the collection of image information. However, the main drawbacks of this traditional approach is that the scanners tend to be too big to carry. So the process can only be accomplished in a specific condition.

And now, the advent of CamCard and CamScanner has brought about a giant leap forward. As long as Apps are installed in smartphones, we can scan images and gather information at any time and place.

Many people have a headache when they return to the office from a meeting or an exhibition, gotten hundreds of business cards. Stop worrying and give CamCard a shot. No matter what your identity is in the transaction, you will be successful by using CamCard.

CamCard is an App for business card recognition, which can use the mobile phone with a camera to take pictures of business card images, quickly scan and read all contact information on the card image, automatically identify the type of contact information. All the business cards are saved into your phone, never miss an opportunity. It can be used to save your leads instantly and manage potential customers, categorize your contacts and find anyone within a second.

CamCard is favored by business people for its complete accuracy information recognition and intelligent business card management function. Besides, CamCard is not only a way of working, but a way of socializing. On an exhibition, by Scanning QR Code, users can easily exchange cards with others even without scanning. With CamCard, it is no longer boring to talk about working.

The BBC says it is a great example of how storing and sharing contact details has been brought up to date using smartphone technology. CamCard supports all major languages including English, French, Japanese, German and Russian etc to serve the worldwide users and over 300 million people in the world have used CamCard so far.

At the same time, a number of top mobile phone manufacturers,such as SamSung, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo and all that, have realize its value, and choose to pre-installed this App on a variety of smartphones for this reason. For most CamCard users, the App is no doubt one of the most useful tools in the smartphone. Beyond that, CamCard can also be used on computer. Users can do more things and get more efficient with the help of CamCard website at

What can you do if you need an ID card copy but there are no scanners nearby?

What can you do if you need a summary of an electronic document but you only have a handwritten document?

What can you do if you need to manage your messy but significant personal materials?

The answers are all CamScanner. CamScanner is more extensive and versatile than CamCard for scanning, which can be used in many aspects and for people from all walks of life. It turns the smartphone into a portable scanner.

CamScanner can record and manage user’s various documents, receipts, notes and whiteboard discussion and so on easily and quickly. To ensure that the scanning content is clearly readable, through intelligent and accurate image cutting and image enhancement algorithm, CamScanner is equipped with image processing mode and manual adjustment of image parameters. Crop, rotate, remove spare background, enhance image quality,at the same time, reduce the picture size, network bandwidth and storage cost.

And all of those above make OCR (Optical Character Recognition) the most can’t-miss feature in CamScanner, which can excerpt a paragraph from book or edit text in a picture. The advances of CamScanner in the area of information gathering have also been highly praised by the mass media, which was dubbed as “one of the best 50 Apple Apps” by the American Times Magazine.

In an era when smartphones are bringing more possibilities to humans, people creatively give mobile phones more functions to work more efficiently and to live a more healthy and higher quality life. The emergence of CamCard and CamScanner has promoted the development of Big Data, and it is also important for the upgrading of business models. Therefore, we believe that the constant updates of CamCard and CamScanner can also bring more surprises for the development of the whole society.