eBay Korea and Paycock Integrated CCi’s Bank Card Recognition

May. 10th, 2017

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In June 2016, CC Intelligence (CCi) formed a strategy partnership with world-renowned e-commerce tycoon eBay Korea and integrated Bank Card Recognition technology with its subsidiary company Auction and Gmarket. In October of the same year, CCi formed OCR technology cooperation with Paycock, well-known fintech company in Korea, and held a signing ceremony.


eBay Korea Cooperated with CC Intelligence: Technology Revolution, Experience Sublimation

World-renowned e-commerce tycoon eBay Korea formed its strategy partnership with CCi and started to use CCi’s Bank Card Recognition technology, which eliminates cardholders’ time to manually fill in information and improves consumers’ shopping experience.

eBay Korea also owns Korean e-commerce platforms Auction and Gmarket.

As the subsidiary company of eBay Korea, Auction integrated CCi’s Bank Card Recognition, which enabled customers to bind their bank cards by turning on their phone camera and scanning their card and to purchase merchandises right away.

A senior staff of eBay once said: “The environment of e-commerce industry is changing rapidly due to the influence of technology development. eBay Korea will keep innovating its shopping technology in order to meet clients’ demands to the greatest extent.


Korea Mobile Payment Application Paycock Integrated CCi’s Bank Card Recognition

Paycock is a to-business mobile payment application founded and developed by Haewon Kwon and his team, who have been committed to internet finance industry for as many as 22 years and have rich practical experience and top-notch technology.

In Korea, Paycock users can easily complete a payment by scanning their bank cards with a smartphone, confirming extracted card information, entering payment amount, and signing on the phone. Users no longer need to carry a heavy POS machine around or worry about signal problem.

Accurate recognition and input of bank card information serve as the most important step in the whole payment process, save users’ time to manually input information, and offer the ultimate user experience for both payers and payees.


Haewon Kwon: “Fastest and most accurate, CCi is naturally our top choice.”

“Based on the test result of the global sourcing we conducted, CCi provides the fastest and the most accurate bank card recognition solution,” Paycock CEO Haewon Kwon addressed to reporters after the signing ceremony, “I hope our product could provide the best possible service, so we need to choose the best partner.


CCi Assisted Upgrade of Internet Consumption Market in Korea

CC Intelligence is the world-leading OCR technology provider. Two of CCi’s main products, CamCard and CamScanner accumulate more than 400 million users all over the world. Business product technologies like Bank Card Recognition, ID Card Recognition, Document Recognition, and Business Card Recognition are very popular among business users. The mostly-used chatting application in Korea, kakao talk, also integrated CCi’s Credit Card Recognition technology.