Easily make a copy of an ID card or driver license with CamScanner

Oct. 31st, 2016

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What can you do if you need an ID card copy but there are no scanners nearby? The answer is CamScanner.

Today we’d like to share the tip of copying both sides of an ID card or a driver license onto a single page, and keeping the card’s original size.

1. Take pictures of both your ID card’s front side and backside with CamScanner

2. Auto or manually crop and enhance each image

3. Choose “Collage” to use the doc collage feature (* Premium feature)

4. Choose “ID Card” as the doc type

5. Tap “Done” and add a name to the doc

6. The ID copy will be stored in your CamScanner app and can be easily converted to PDF or JPEG format and shared to others via email, What’s App, social network or cloud storage.