Arik Podder: CamScanner is perfect!

Mar. 31st, 2017

Camscanner Blog User Stories

I used Camscanner from the day 1 of buying android. One of my friends referred it to me and I installed it with three other apps of the similar features. But usually I was using it for occasional clippings or to make a handy archive of ID cards.


I liked camscanner first for its separate cloud storage. In this way, I know my files are safe, but the scanned files don’t get cluttered with other documents.


Also the option of tag is great, as most of the time I don’t take out a physical ID card anymore. The pic in camscanner is clear enough for the security guard to pick up my number.



But these were all minor things compared to the one incident which made me a fan. One night, my home scanner gave up and I needed to upload a scanned copy of a signed document. It was well into the night so I knew that the shops will be closed. It was the next to last day, and then I decided to put camscanner in use. I was well satisfied of the performance it gave and no one in my department even batted an eye.


It was perfect. Since then, I have my faith on it. Enjoy!