Clay Hollister, a soccer coach: My work becomes much easier thanks to CamScanner!

Mar. 23rd, 2017

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When I was coaching club soccer, I always had to collect papers like physicals, birth certificates, etc. to turn in to my director.


Sometimes, though, practice is hectic, and things could get lost or damaged, or the parents didn’t want the documents to go home with me (understandable).


I didn’t have a scanner at my house, so I would use CamScanner to scan the papers on the field so I wouldn’t lose them.



I also had a lot of players who were in the States on Visas, and I used to go to their homes to get their documents because their parents wouldn’t let the documents be taken out of the house.


CamScanner was great for that! I could easily scan everything in, save it under the kid’s name, and e-mail it to my director as soon as I got it!


Life becomes so much easier with CamScanner, an app that everyone should get!