Make a copy of your ID card with CamScanner Easily!

Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Need an ID card copy but no scanners are nearby? No worries. You’ve got us—CamScanner!


Today we’d like to share some scanning tips with you. Thanks to our new ID Card Mode feature of Premium Account, copying both sides of your ID card onto a single page and keeping the card’s original size never get this easy.


Open CamScanner, tap the “camera” icon and select ID Card Mode. Choose what identification document you would like to scan. Here we are going with “Driver Licence.”



Take a snapshot of your driver licence’s front side and back side, respectively.



The front side and back side will be automatically collaged on a single page.



Tap “Done” and name the document as you like.



The driver’s licence copy will be stored in your CamScanner app and can be easily converted to PDF/jpeg format and shared to others via email, whatsapp, WeChat, facebook, twitter, other SNS platforms and cloud storage.


Isn’t it nice and easy? Try Premium and enjoy the exclusive ID Card Mode now!