How to convert a scanned document into editable texts?

Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Sometimes people may need to extract texts from a book, a magazine or a page of paper doc. It happens when you find some beautiful sentences in a book, and when you want to cite something from an essay. And for some copywriters, it’s a very good habit to note down those brilliant slogans when you see them on posters or magazines.

So how will you do the extraction? Write it down on your note book? Or create a new doc in your computer and type in the texts? That’s no doubt an inefficient way and out of time.

What we want to share with you today is the OCR feature in CamScanner, an extremely smart way to convert a scanned doc into editable texts.

First of all, open the page you want to edit in CamScanner. It can be a poster, a contract, a slide, or a page from an essay, a book or a magazine… Then tap the “OCR” icon and the app will auto recognize all the text in the page. Tap “Share” to send the texts in .txt file via email. Texts also can be copied to pasteboard or opened in any other apps.

Furthermore, the cool OCR technology can also be used for text searching, which can be quite useful for those who have mountains of docs in CamScanner.

For example, if you have saved lots of takeout menus in CamScanner and want to have vegetarian pizza today, just enter “vegetarian pizza” in the search box and all docs containing the texts will be found out. Also, by entering “agreement” in the search box, all documents containing the word “agreement” will be listed. Just enter anything you remember about a doc and you can easily find it out.

 The OCR for searching feature is available for CamScanner free version. While the text extraction feature is only available for CamScanner full version, which can be purchased in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.