How to Fax a Document without a Fax Machine?

Mar. 23rd, 2017

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What do you do if you need to fax a document to your partner or customer but couldn’t find a fax machine nearby? The answer can be really simple – install CamScanner on your mobile. Follow the steps below to learn how to fax a document with CamScanner in 2 minutes.

1. Scan the document

Take a picture of the document with CamScanner

– Ensure adequate lighting and find the best viewing angle to avoid shadows when taking picture

– Slide to “Batch” to use batch scan mode if you need to fax multiple pages

Auto or manually crop and enhance the picture

CamScanner auto crops and enhances the image for you. You can also manually crop the image if you are not satisfied with the auto cropping.

It also provides 5 manual enhancing modes. It’s recommended to use B&W mode when faxing docs. Because the B&W mode removes all shadows and makes the texts look clear and sharp.

2. Fax the document

For iOS devices –

Open the document and tap “More” in lower-right -> “Fax” -> enter the basic information.

For Android devices –

Open the document and tap “Share” -> “Upload/Print/Fax” -> choose “Fax” and enter the basic information.

* Tap “Recharge” and you can purchase fax pages right from the app. CamScanner charges $0.99 for faxing one page, $1.98 for 2 pages. We recommend you to purchase 10 pages in bulk with a discounted price of $8.91 if you need to fax docs frequently.

3. Check fax history

If you’ve sent the fax successfully but your partner or customer says it’s not received, you can go to check the fax history and send him/her the screenshot as proof.

Go left sidebar –> Settings -> Doc Export -> Upload/Print/Fax History.